WhoIsIn is a web-based biometric attendance tracking system, focused on tracking the attendance and employee movements especially for business with multiple offices. WhoIsIn uses a biometric USB finger print scanner and the internet to offer the most accurate information possible for the Human resources, Operations teams and the Management.

Other attendance tracking systems focus only on tracking the entry and exit of employees, while WhoIsIn additionally and uniquely tracks the presence of the employee in the office too.

WhoIsIn is offered on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, where there is no capital expenditure (on the Hardware & Software), but only operational expenses. The charges are calculated based on the number of employees, devices deployed etc.
Features :
Check presence – For every employee, the administrator can set one or more random requests for fingerprint, during the course of his/her shift at the workplace. The random request will appear with a display, a sound alert (and optionally a voice message), asking for the employees fingerprint. Reports are generated for the answered and the unanswered requests, which lets us check the presence of the employee in office.
Roaming Profile – For an employee who needs to travel between offices, a roaming profile can be created. A supervisor, who is expected to visit all stores, can still mark his/her attendance at all the stores thru WhoIsIn.
Live reports – Authorised users can access the reports anytime through any PC which has an internet connection. Reports readily show the information until the last transaction created at the offices.
Leave management – Leave requests can be processed through the WhoisIn front-end module. Leave approver gets an email notification when a request is placed, and the approver can respond thru email. The employee who requested leave gets to know the status of his request thru the front-end module itself.
Consolidated reports – There is no separate process of consolidating data from the different offices. All reports are by default available in the consolidated form, at the office level, region level, zone level or the company level.
Low staffing alert – Each store/office can be configured to have the minimum number of employees. The backend web module would automatically send an SMS alert to the regional manager, if the actual number of employees present is less than the minimum. This is specifically very useful in retail stores, where less floor staff directly reflects on the sales performance.
Birthday greetings – The backend web module can be configured to send SMS automatically, for birthday greetings to employees, on their birthdays.
Multi company – Authorized users can have a single point of access to the application, even if the business have multiple companies. A single device at an office, can also be used by employees of different companies.
Manual entries – Authorised users (for eg. HR manager) can manually enter/alter the attendance for an employee incase of incomplete records (Check in done, check out missed). A complete log is available for all manual entries made.
Shift schedule – The duty roster can be prepared and employees can be assigned to work on a shift for a user defined period. The late in, early out indications are based on the shift that the employee is assigned to.
Security – Company users can be given rights to view reports based on their roles, and the location/office/region/zone/company that they are authorized to monitor. Specific users can be given rights to authorize the finger print (initial inputs into the system) after verification.
Simple and user friendly – The front-end and back-end modules have a very simple and intuitive interface. All reports have excel like filters, advance filters and pivot tables to analyse the date. All reports can also be exported to excel/pdf/text formats, if necessary.
Offline entries – Check In/Check Out entries are stored offline when the internet connection is down and then updated at the server when the connection is restored. If the connection is live, then the entries are immediately updated at the server.
Overtime calculations – Automatically calculates the overtime hours for the employees, comparing with shift assigned.
Additional fingerprint – Other than the usual thumb fingerprint stored with the employee record, an additional fingerprint (the index finger) can also be stored. This can be used in exceptional cases.
Payroll software integration – Incase you use are already using a payroll software, we can provide data from WhoIsIn to the payroll software in pre-defined formats. Customization charges shall apply for development of the data export module.
Payroll processing – The integrated payroll processing module drastically reduces the time and effort for centralized payroll processing. It also eliminates the mistakes in calculating the work hours and other human errors.